Why Personality Compatibility?

Till even a decade ago, most couples lived in extended families and most of the time and energy went into fulfilling family chores and responsibilities. Consequently the quality of relationship between the spouses always took a back seat and was not considered important.

Now with more and more couples living independently in small nuclear families, spouse has become the most important source of mental and emotional support. Couples are now spending more quality time with each other - apart from doing day to day activities together, couples share hobbies, friends, and in some cases work-place too. The type of relationship between couples has moved from the traditional marital relationship to that of a life-partner in the real sense. In this context, the age-old tradition of arranged marriage falls short in fulfilling the requirements of the modern society.

Furthermore, numerous studies and research have established that good personality-compatibility between partners is one of the key ingredients of a happy fulfilling relationship. Taking into consideration the results of such studies and the changed requirements of modern day relationships, FindTrueMatch.com has been designed to focus on the quality of relationship between prospective matches. To understand how matchmaking is done on FindTrueMatch.com works click here.

-- Team FindTrueMatch.com