About FindTrueMatch.com

FindTrueMatch.com is a matrimonial website which focuses on a happy long-term relationship between the matches. To help you find your 'true match' the site first finds matches who are compatible to your personality type, these matches are then shortlisted based on your partner-preferences of age, religion, location, etc. Only these short-listed matches are then delivered to your 'Matches box' for your review.

3 Simple steps to find your true match

The personality test

The personality-compatibility in FindTrueMatch.com is based on the Socionics intertype relations model. The model predicts the type of long-term relationship between two individuals of particular personality types. Read more about Socionics

FindTrueMatch.com uses a highly accurate Socionics based personality test to find your personality-type. The test has been developed by FindTrueMatch.com in consultation with Ms. Brinda Jayaraman, one of India's leading psychologist & family therapist. Ms. Jayaraman has more than 20 years of counselling experience and is the co-founder of Chennai Counselor's Foundation.