Privacy policy online matchmaking services.
Date: 1-June-2010 has been designed to provide utmost security and to safeguard the privacy of the members.

Following are some of the website features which facilitate a safe browsing experience for the members:
  1. does not member’s contact information (not even their email id) with other members at any point. At all times, members have full control of when and what contact information he/ she wants to share with others on a one-on-one basis.
  2. has a robust ‘Report abuse’ and ‘Feedback’ mechanism. The links are present across the website for member’s perusal. The admin responds to the comments in the shortest time possible.
  3. does not allow input of any free-text in the profile of the members; hence there is no chance of objectionable content in the profile of members.
  4. screens each uploaded photo for any objectionable content before making it visible to matched members.
  5. provides a fully functional messaging service within the website. The members can interact with each other anonymously as long as they want.
  6. uses the payment gateway of CCAvenue. CCAvenue employs the highest level of security making all your financial transactions extremely safe. offers you the following tips to make your interaction with your matches as safe as possible:
  1. You should preferably adopt the following sequence while interacting with the matches:

    1. Once you start communication, interact with the matches over’s internal messaging service
    2. Do not share your identity, address or contact details too soon. Maintain your anonymity, it is the best way of protecting your privacy.
    3. Share your external email-id only when you are convinced that the match is genuine.
    4. Home or work address should not be disclosed until you are absolutely sure about the match.

  2. Communicating outside

    1. Start by exchanging emails or doing online-chatting with the matches.
    2. Give yourself enough time to before starting to talk on phone.
    3. Initially try to use phones from which your identity and address can remain hidden.

  3. Meeting with the match - Please abide by the following guidelines:

    1. Meet the match only when you are absolutely sure about him/ her.
    2. You must see the photos of the match before agreeing to meet.
    3. The meeting point must be a crowded public place, such as a restaurant, a mall, etc.
    4. If possible take a friend/ relative with you for the meeting.
    5. If going alone, then at least one of your friends/ relatives should be in complete know of the situation. Details such as match’s name, photo, address and cell phone number must be shared with your friends/ relatives.
    6. Do not change your meeting point without intimating your friends/ relatives.
    7. Do not let your guard down in just few meetings.
    8. Do not wear expensive jewelry or carry valuable accessories to your initial meetings

  4. Warning signals

    1. If the match is inconsistent with facts, then do not let go, probe him/ her to find the truth.
    2. If the match pressurizes you to share your contact details or to meet you in person.
    3. While meeting, you feel that the person appears to be different from whom you have been interacting over emails and phone.
    4. If even after many meetings the match refuses to meet your friends/ family nor introduces you to his friends/ family
    5. If the match uses offensive language
    6. If match tries to make inappropriate physical advances
    7. If the match asks for money or your bank account details

  5. Fraudsters

    1. Never lend money, cards or any of your belongings to the matches early in the relationship.
    2. Do not share your credit card details or your bank account numbers, whatever be the pretext.

  6. Reporting of objectionable behavior

    1. It is of utmost importance that you report any kind of objectionable behavior of other members to the website. Also, you must fully inform your family members or friends in such cases.
    2. If the need arises, you must contact the police and report the matter. The website will fully co-operate with the authorities to address your concerns.
    3. Remember, your safety is in your hands. By reporting untoward incidents you will not only help in taking action against the culprit, but also deter such people to harass other members.